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Clément Roques

Exploring the epic journey of water has inspired my research for more than 10 years now. I am a groundwater hydrologist with strong interests in studying physical and bio-geochemical processes associated to this journey, considering the complex interactions between water, landscapes and human activities. 


I seek to develop 2 main research directions:  1. studying the impact of landscape heterogeneity on flow and transport processes with the aim to evaluate the sensitivity of water resources to climate and direct anthropogenic forcings; and, 2. developing innovative in-situ experiments and monitoring technologies to better describe and predict the processes involved in fractured aquifers for applications related to water resources, contaminant remediation, ecohydrology, geothermal energy development, and CO2 storage. I am also deeply engaged in teaching courses related to groundwater hydrology, geophysics, hydrosphere, hydromechanics, and field excursions. 

The success of my research stands on the rich collaborations, people and communities I met along my early career. Thanks all! 

Current students and collaborations


Ronan Abherve

PhD Student, Univ. Rennes 1

Impact of climate change on groundwater resources at the watershed scale 


Nicolas Cornette

PhD Student, Univ. Rennes 1

Impact of climate change on groundwater resources at regional scale


Nicolas Oeistreicher 

PhD Student, ETH Zürich

Groundwater recharge induced deformation in the valley-slopes of the Aletsch glacier. 


Elisabeth Jachens

PhD Student, Oregon State University

Using Recession Analysis to Characterize Watershed Responses to Drought - Graduated on March 2020


Marc Hugentobler

PhD Student, ETH Zürich

Subsurface rock slope deformation in a paraglacial environment (Aletsch Valley)

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