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List of publications (grey if in review)


[32] Cornette, N., C. Roques, A. Boisson, Q. Courtois, J. Marçais, J. Launay, G. Pajot, J-R de Dreuzy. Hillslope-scale exploration of the relative contribution of base flow, seepage flow and overland flow to streamflow dynamics. Submitted to Journal of Hydrology.

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[16] A. Wolter, C. Roques, J. Groeble, S. Ivy-Ochs, M. Christl, S. Loew (2020). Integrated multi-temporal analysis of the displacement behaviour and morphology of a deep-seated compound landslide (Cerentino, Switzerland). Engineering Geology,

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[13] Roques, C., Rupp, D.E., Jachens, E., Selker, J.S., (2018). Comment on “Base Flow Recession from Unsaturated-Saturated Porous Media considering Lateral Unsaturated Discharge and Aquifer Compressibility” by Liang, X., H. Zhan, Y.-K. Zhang, and K. Schilling (2017). Water Resour. Res. 54, 3217–3219.

[12]  Klepikova, M.V., Roques, C., Loew, S., Selker, J., (2018). Improved Characterization of Groundwater Flow in Heterogeneous Aquifers Using Granular Polyacrylamide (PAM) Gel as Temporary Grout. Water Resour. Res. 54, 1410-1419.

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Book Chapter

[1] C. Roques and L. Aquilina (2018) - Hydrogeology and Origin of hydrothermal fluids.  Book chapter in in Thermal medicine - Practices and indications, facts and evidences, Prs P. Queneau et C-F. Roques, Edition John Libbey, Eurotext.

International Conferences​

C. Roques, E. Chatton, G. Chrétien, L. Servière, X. Pasquier, R. Abhervé, A. Gauvain, L. Aquilina, and JR de Dreuzy. Spring discharge, transit times and intermittency in an alpine catchment: how geomorphology shapes the spatio-temporal dynamics? EGU General Assembly 2022.

C. Roques. Impacts of climate change on water resources. International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology World Congress, Dax, France, June 2021. Invited lecture.


R. Abhervé, C. Roques, L. Longuevergne, S. Louaisil, J-R. de Dreuzy, and L. Aquilina. Spatial variability and changes in storage-discharge relationships of crystalline catchments: implications for resilience and water resources management. EGU General Assembly 2021.

 N. Cornette, C. Roques, A. Boisson, J. Launay, G. Pajot, J-R. de Dreuzy. Hydrogeological controls on stream discharge dynamics in bedrock catchments: exploring the combined effects of seepage development and heterogeneity. EGU General Assembly 2021.

N. Oestreicher, C. Roques, M. Hugentobler, J. Aaron, S. Loew. Drivers of reversible and irreversible slope deformations in a paraglacial environment. EGU General Assembly 2021.

S. Loew, C. Roques, A. Wolter, K. Schöngrundner and T. Blöchlinger. Impact of Damage on Groundwater Flow Dynamics in a Compound Rockslide. EGU General Assembly 2021.

Alessandro Lenci, Clément Roques, Yves Méheust, Vittorio Di Federico. Non-Newtonian fluid flow in geological rough fractures: lubrication approximation versus direct 3D simulations. XXIII Computational Methods in Water Resources, Dec 2020, Stanford, United States. ⟨insu-03103462⟩ 


Maria Klepikova, Clément Roques, Yves Méheust, Niklas Linde. Sensitivity Analysis of Heat Transport in Self-Affine Rough Fractures. CMWR 2020: COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN WATER RESOURCES, Dec 2020, online, United States. ⟨insu-03079009⟩ 


MG Floriancic, C Roques, J Jimenez-Martinez. Estimating mixing processes of sources contributing to baseflow in Alpine headwater catchments - EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 2020.

M Grab, A Zappone, A P Rinaldi, S Hellmann, Q Wenning, C Roques, A Obermann, C Madonna, Y Guglielmi, C Nussbaum, H Maurer, S Wiemer. Active seismic monitoring of CO2-saturated brine injection into a fault (CS-D experiment in the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory) - EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 2020.

M Hugentobler, S Loew, C RoquesPore water pressure dynamics in a rock slope adjacent to a retreating valley glacier - EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 2020.

Q C Wenning, A P Rinaldi, A Zappone, M Grab, C Roques, U W Webber, M Jaggi, S M Bernasconi, Y Guglielmi, M Brennwald, R Kipfer, C Madonna, A Obermann, C Nussbaum, S Wiemer. Fault hydromechanical characterization and CO2-saturated water injection at the CS-D experiment (Mont Terri Rock Laboratory) - EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 2020.

N. Oestreicher, Q. Lei, C. Roques, and S. Loew. Cyclic pore-pressure induced deformation in fractured crystalline mountain slopes: Numerical model setup and test cases. Submitted to American Rock Mechanics Association Proceedings (2020).

C. Roques, S. Lacroix, E. Jachens, D. Rupp, K. Leith, L. Longuevergne, S. Leray, G. Grant and J. Selker. Geomorphological Control on Stream Baseflow Recession. American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2019. Oral presentation.

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J. S. Selker, C. Roques, C. Higgins, S. Good, R. Hut, A. Selker. (2015) A new chapter in environmental sensing: The Open-Source Published Environmental Sensing (OPENS) laboratory. In AGU Fall meeting, December 2015, San Francisco, USA, Oral.

C. Roques, O. Bour, L. Aquilina, B. Dewandel, J-M Schroetter, H. Pauwels, J-C Maréchal, L. Longuevergne, T. Le Borgne, T. Labasque, V. Vergnaud-Ayraud, S. Leray, R. Hochreutener, N. Lavenant, B. Mougin, C. Camerlynck and S. Durand (2015). The role of fault-zones on groundwater flow in crystalline basement. 20th International Association of Hydrogeologists French Chapter Technical days. “Hard-Rock Aquifers: the up to date concepts and the practical applications”; 06/2015. Invited talk.

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Meeting Organization

[7] Gordon Research Conference 2020 on Flow and Transport in Permeable Media - Interactions Between Fluids, Elements, Materials, Energy and Life in Porous and Fractured Media. July 19 - 24, 2020, Les Diablerets, Switzerland. Member of the organization committee.

[6] AGU 2019, H076 - Hydrogeological Controls on Groundwater Partitioning, Residence Times and Geochemical Fluxes in the Critical Zone. AGU Fall Meeting 9-13 December 2019 in San Francisco, CA. Convener: Sarah Leray, Co-Conveners: Clément Roques, Etienne Bresciani, Pascal Goderniaux.

[5] EGU 2019, Vienna, Austria. Innovative methods for the quantification of processes in the sub- surface. Convener: Clement Roques, Co-Conveners: Pietro De Anna and Maria V. Klepikova.


[4] Co-director of the 4th summer school entitled Flow and Transport in Porous and Fractured Media, Development, Protection, Management and Sequestration of Subsurface Fluids at the I.E.S.C. in Cargese, France (2018).

[3] EGU 2017, April 23-28 2017, Vienna, Austria. Innovative methods for the quantification of processes in the sub-surface. Convener: Maria V. Klepikova, Co-Conveners: Clément Roques, Pietro De Anna, Victor Bense and Marijke Huysmans.

[2] Interpore 2017, May 08-11 2017, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Non-Newtonian fluids in permeable media: rheology, modeling, and applications. Primary Convener: Yves Meheust. Conveners: Clément Roques, Vittorio Di Federico and Lirong Zhong.

[1] AGU Fall meeting 2016, December 11-16 2016, San Francisco, USA. H41E: Non-Newtonian Fluids in Subsurface Environments: Rheology, Modeling, and Applications Posters. Primary Convener: Yves Méheust. Conveners: Clément Roques, Vittorio Di Federico and Lirong Zhong. 

Engineering reports

Grimsel ISC Experiment description. Doetsch, J. Gischig, V., Krietsch, H., Villiger, L., Amann, F., Dutler, N., Jalali, R., Brixel, B., Klepikova, M., Roques, C., Giertzuch, P.L., Kittila, A., Hochreutener, R. (2018). ETH Zurich. doi:

The Cerentino Landslide: Final Data Synthesis and Recommendation for Mitigation Measures. Dipartimento del Territorio Sezione Forestale Stato del Canton Ticino, Switzerland (2018). S. Loew, A. Wolter and C. Roques.

Seismic hazards in deep geological repositories. Chapter Impact of Hydrologically Effective Faults. Swiss Seismological Service. C. Roques and S. Loew (2017).

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Mouvet C., Bristeau S., Roques C. (2010). Chlordecone contaminated soil remediation: physico-chemical and biological processes, study of degradation products and improvement of analytical sensitivity. Report BRGM/RP-58704-FR, 26 p., 11 fig., 6 tabl., 1 ann.

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Dumon A., Roques C. (2009) - Review of pesticide contamination in surface and ground waters in Guadeloupe: data from 1996 to 2008. Report BRGM/RP-57756-FR.

M. Saplairoles, N. Baran, L. Gourcy, C. Roques, J.F. Denux, E. Combes (2009). Study of solute transfer (nitrate and pesticides) in the Ariège alluvial system (France). Report BRGM/RP-56597-FR., 143 p., 78 ill., 17 ann.

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